Weekly Jobs Update - 6 May, 2021

61 new jobs at Gitcoin, RabbitHole, Maple, Giveth, Kava, Terra, Gelato

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This week I highlight RabbitHole.

At RabbitHole, they’re building the best way to learn about new cryptonetworks by giving users a path to learn and earn a piece of ownership in each network. RabbitHole wants to build the best onboarding funnel into the world of web3, training digital workers for decades to come.

The RabbitHole team has deep crypto-native roots, and have worked at some of the leading consumer teams in web3 like CryptoKitties and the most well-known governance ecosystems like MakerDAO.

Join the team and help combine the best of both worlds of web3 with a focus on getting mainstream users down the crypto rabbit hole 🐇 🕳️

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Crypto embraces the creatives and rejects the credentialists

Zhu Su, Three Arrows Capital


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