Weekly Jobs Update - Oct 8, 2020

26 new jobs at Streamr, DIA, Audius, MyCrypto, Nifty Gateway ...

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This week I highlight Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable Domains is building Domains on blockchains. The company builds and launches its own domain extensions (like .com or .info) and sells domains direct to consumers. Unstoppable Domains also has a Library and API so that wallets and other apps can offer blockchain domain resolution to their users.

Unstoppable Domains is a small, but quickly growing team of entrepreneurs, builders, and lovers of all things crypto.

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Books: A Twitter thread with books that are relevant for crypto people to read that aren’t specifically about crypto by Linda Xie, co-founder of Scalar Capital.

Documentary: Cypherpunks Write Code is Reason’s new documentary series about the cypherpunk movement of the 90s, which saw cryptography as a weapon against central planning and surveillance in this new virtual world.


The idea here is that if you want to know if someone is lying, you need to ignore truthful behavior so that it’s not processed. That seems counterintuitive to most people, and downright nonsensical to many. Yet it’s one of the core principles underlying the model. And for good reason. … Ignoring truthful behavior helps us manage our biases, so we don’t even have to think about them when the task at hand is detecting deception. Beyond that, it reduces—often dramatically—the amount of data we have to process in order to make a decision about a person’s veracity. The more extraneous information that can be filtered out, the easier it is to spot behavior that’s deceptive.

— Spy the Lie by Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, Susan Carnicero


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BlockWorks Group is an events and media company that sits at the intersection of the traditional financial space and the emerging cryptocurrency and digital asset ecosystem.

EthHub is an open-source, fundamentals-focused hub for all things Ethereum. EthHub provides research and resources to learn about Ethereum.

The University of Nicosia is the leading university globally in the digital currency and blockchain field.

Donate in Crypto raises awareness of the benefits of cryptocurrency giving, and showcases the innovative nonprofits that have embraced this transformative technology.

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