69 new jobs at Synthetix, Zapper, WalletConnect, Interchain, Wintermute, Acala
98 new jobs at The Graph, Aave, VitaDAO, Zcash Foundation, Maple, Drift Labs
84 new jobs at Rarible, Zapper, Showtime, mStable, Acala, Maple, Status, Gelato
78 new jobs at Pinata, Yat, Verto, Kanon, Futureswap, Boardroom, Multis, SmartDeFi
82 new jobs at Arbitrum, DeFi Pulse, Wyre, Charged Particles, Hyy.pe, Status
78 new jobs at Wintermute, Ethereum Community Fund, Paladin, Terra, Perpetual Protocol
78 new jobs at Zapper, Gelato, Index Coop, Superfluid, Potion Labs, MultiSafe
84 new jobs at Amun, Maple, Centrifuge, Transak, SmartDeFi, UMA, Fuel
78 new jobs at Framework, Aave, mStable, Colony, Guild of Guardians, Nym
74 new jobs at Electric Capital, Index Coop, DODO, EthBlockArt, Runtime Verification
79 new jobs at ENS, Greenwood Labs, Phantom, Acala, Interlay, Aave, prePO, Hyy.pe
71 new jobs at Gitcoin, Perpetual Protocol, Amun 21Shares, WalletConnect, Kleros