Weekly Jobs Update - 2 Sep, 2021

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This week I highlight ARCx.

ARCx is a decentralized scoring protocol that powers on-chain identity through the issuance of a DeFi Passport.

The first page, or element, in the DeFi Passport is an on-chain credit score. This initial score is issued to an identity based on an assessment of the address’ on-chain activity. Beyond the credit score, the applications are endless for the pseudonymous, decentralized profiling and assessment of identities based on on-chain activity.

Joining ARCx means that you’ll be wearing many hats while working alongside incredibly talented and driven individuals, fully remotely. The team have raised over $8m from some of the industry’s top investors and are a team of 6 full time members and another 6 contractors/contributors/part-timers.

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Article: The Community Garden: The Case for Leaving FAANG Companies for Crypto by Dan McCarthy, Paradigm.

Podcast: NFTs with Jake Brukhman, Founder & CEO at CoinFund, hosted by Tom Shaughnessy, The Delphi Podcast.


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